Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm tired... Again...

I wonder why didn't I do this before. You know, playing Counter Strike. It's and old game, propably older than my grandmother, but hey - it still rocks! Especially in a LAN environment. OK, they kicked my ass seriously yesterday (and today, some sleep deprivation is always good :P)

Hmm, today is Saint Valentine's Day, but I won't celebrate it as usuall. Not that I had someone to celebrate with... But still, we should show our love everyday not just at this one day. What's the difference between today (2. of February 2006) and any other day? OK, maybe one - it's usually colder now than on most other days... So, just behave as it is a "normal" day and give your love some flowers, like everyday - I suppose you give her flowers everyday? :)

On the other front - I was asked to hold a talk or workshop about Scribus in March, I'm not much of a speaker and I have absolutely no idea if I could handle it. Besides, I'm not a DTP professional, nor a semi-pro just a guy who does some work in it for the ACTUS Association. I must think about that, maybe Maciej (from Linux Forum) could help me out a bit. We'll see...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Libjingle 0.2.0 is out. I must say I'm impressed by Google, an free (as in freedom :P) library, open API's like those for Google Maps and Google Reader (soon to "published").

Hmm, maybe they get the Web 2.0 thing right in some time, where apps from multiple vendors could work together. This could be the real power there - no limit for the users, you want to use our feed reader on your site? No problem, the API is already there for you to use! But for now, just to many services are on their own with no proper means of using their content ("social" or not) on my site...

UPDATE: The moment this post hit the blog, Google enabled Google Talk inside my GMail account, and I must say - it rocks!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My router is undergoing some minor upgrades and configuration and it will last for another few days or so. You can expect the planet to be unavailible for at most 1 minute a day, sorry for any incovenience, maybe I'll try to move some of the test services to an other port so they won't interfere with the main content. Hmm, that's a thought, a good one even ;)