Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emerillon news

Sooooo, as some of you may noticed yesterday Emerillon switched it's maintainer and the new maintainer is me. Scared yet? No? You should be…

If the switch came as a surprise for you then you're not the only one - I'm a bit surprised too, but hey — life is full of surprises! I have some plans for it, but it's my first take at maintaining a project so please be gentle.

For starters in the next few days/weeks I plan to weed out the bugzilla wherever the are patches included and put out a 0.1.2 release out of the door, together with a 0.1 release of the plugins (or rather plugin). Thanks to the wonderful Andreas Henriksson the GSEAL migration seems complete and there shouldn't be any deprecated components, so we are almost ready for GNOME 3.0 ;) Currently the development takes place in GNOME git with a mirror on Gitorious under the upstream branch. This branch acts as a staging queue for me, so any merge requests which don't go to my email should go there.

After the 0.1.2 release the plan looks like that:

  • migrate to GSettings

  • migrate to libpeas if it ever comes out

  • scratch my itch with a plugin for gpx tracks with a calories meter

  • do some other features already in bugzilla

  • other ideas welcome

So that's all for today, and as usual you can grab me on mail or