Friday, December 30, 2005

Bug tracking systems?

Hmm, I need a nice bug/issue tracking system for my project but sadly I can't decide which one to use. Flyspray isn't a choice, Mantis also fails to get on the list (I need Postgresql support). I'm looking into Roundup and Bugzilla, but the second one is propably overkill like OTRS though both are worth a look, maybe it'll benefit in the future...

So which bug/issue trackers do you use? Oh and as a sidenote - I'm also looking for an app which would help me translating documents into other languages while keeping track of the changes in paragraphs, somethink like gettext where each paragraph would be a seperate entity to translate...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fluendo did it again!

After delivering a wonderful framework like GStreamer they did it again - their offering an mp3 plugin free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it, they paid the license fees to the Fraunhoffer Institute. If you're a distribution maker you can get a redistribution contract from Fluendo free of charge also. The only drawback is that the plugin is incompatible with the GPL license, but there are many players which aren't bound by this, so most of the users can just listen hapily to their music.

You can get some more infos about this by visiting Christian Schallers blog Flash Player 8 for Linux update

Looks like we will have a new Flash player for Linux soon - it's about time! Now if only we had a decent app to make all those funky, non-accessible pages with bells and whistles all around... No, seriously it would make our lifes a little bit harder with even more flash-only pages out there.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fer's blog : binary - plug and pray?

There's an interesting post over at Fernando Herreras blog with some interesting ideas. It would be great if package management system would support more metadata (or do they now?) so one could store for example hardware ID's for driver packages which would be easy to find just by doing poldek --shcmd='search -p my_driver'.But this shouldn't be used by hotplug as such, only by the hardware detection tools.

Integrating it with a Linux Drivers portal would be also great but there must be a means to distribute those file to people who don't have Internet access and the portal itself should have a more distributed manner. The driver devs would just need to register their drivers there and they would be fetched by the portal itself without any user intervention {by means of an RSS/ATOM/whatever feed or a simple (more or less) script like pldnotify.awk}.

The sanbox infrastructure would have to be provided by the distributions itself, getting their info what packages to build from the site and sending feedback back to it with the location of those packages. With the state of the Linux kernel as it is today (as seen on ) and the distributions theirself I think it would be nearly impossible to make such a centralized sandbox work - just to many patch/gcc incositencies so in the end this portal would be just for the few chosen ones which use the mainstream distributions. A decentralized system should work wonders, giving the driver authors instant feedback on whre it works or on which kernels/gcc it lacks a few issues (all the buildlogs could be sent to the portal and stored or sent to the driver devs)...

BTW I wonder if anyone reads this though...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Civil rights? We need no stinkin' civil rights!

So it's done, the EU parliament votes for data retention plan. What does it mean for a plain citizen like me? First of all I'll pay for that in my telephone bill (someone said the telcos should take the cost on them - what world is this guy living in??!??), another drawback is that the data about all my connections (even to this blog) will be kept for at least six months and that it won't be anonimised like it should be done now when it isn't used for billing purposes. It just will sit there waiting to be stolen. Now, one could say that only proper government agencies are allowed to view it, but who will take care to ensure that? It's could be done if one would encrypt them with a public key for which the private one is only in the hands of the proper authorities, but I don't know of any legislation which requires that. I have no idea if this would be even enforceable, there would be to many agencies which would need the private key. I have no idea what the future will bring us, I fear that for a few years will have scenes like in Nineteen Eighty-Four especially here in Poland where the government is trying to think for the citizens what is right and what is wrong.
Ehhh, we will see...
Polish users can find more info under
Have a nice day and don't stop fighting for you rights!