Friday, December 30, 2005

Bug tracking systems?

Hmm, I need a nice bug/issue tracking system for my project but sadly I can't decide which one to use. Flyspray isn't a choice, Mantis also fails to get on the list (I need Postgresql support). I'm looking into Roundup and Bugzilla, but the second one is propably overkill like OTRS though both are worth a look, maybe it'll benefit in the future...

So which bug/issue trackers do you use? Oh and as a sidenote - I'm also looking for an app which would help me translating documents into other languages while keeping track of the changes in paragraphs, somethink like gettext where each paragraph would be a seperate entity to translate...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fluendo did it again!

After delivering a wonderful framework like GStreamer they did it again - their offering an mp3 plugin free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it, they paid the license fees to the Fraunhoffer Institute. If you're a distribution maker you can get a redistribution contract from Fluendo free of charge also. The only drawback is that the plugin is incompatible with the GPL license, but there are many players which aren't bound by this, so most of the users can just listen hapily to their music.

You can get some more infos about this by visiting Christian Schallers blog Flash Player 8 for Linux update

Looks like we will have a new Flash player for Linux soon - it's about time! Now if only we had a decent app to make all those funky, non-accessible pages with bells and whistles all around... No, seriously it would make our lifes a little bit harder with even more flash-only pages out there.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fer's blog : binary - plug and pray?

There's an interesting post over at Fernando Herreras blog with some interesting ideas. It would be great if package management system would support more metadata (or do they now?) so one could store for example hardware ID's for driver packages which would be easy to find just by doing poldek --shcmd='search -p my_driver'.But this shouldn't be used by hotplug as such, only by the hardware detection tools.

Integrating it with a Linux Drivers portal would be also great but there must be a means to distribute those file to people who don't have Internet access and the portal itself should have a more distributed manner. The driver devs would just need to register their drivers there and they would be fetched by the portal itself without any user intervention {by means of an RSS/ATOM/whatever feed or a simple (more or less) script like pldnotify.awk}.

The sanbox infrastructure would have to be provided by the distributions itself, getting their info what packages to build from the site and sending feedback back to it with the location of those packages. With the state of the Linux kernel as it is today (as seen on ) and the distributions theirself I think it would be nearly impossible to make such a centralized sandbox work - just to many patch/gcc incositencies so in the end this portal would be just for the few chosen ones which use the mainstream distributions. A decentralized system should work wonders, giving the driver authors instant feedback on whre it works or on which kernels/gcc it lacks a few issues (all the buildlogs could be sent to the portal and stored or sent to the driver devs)...

BTW I wonder if anyone reads this though...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Civil rights? We need no stinkin' civil rights!

So it's done, the EU parliament votes for data retention plan. What does it mean for a plain citizen like me? First of all I'll pay for that in my telephone bill (someone said the telcos should take the cost on them - what world is this guy living in??!??), another drawback is that the data about all my connections (even to this blog) will be kept for at least six months and that it won't be anonimised like it should be done now when it isn't used for billing purposes. It just will sit there waiting to be stolen. Now, one could say that only proper government agencies are allowed to view it, but who will take care to ensure that? It's could be done if one would encrypt them with a public key for which the private one is only in the hands of the proper authorities, but I don't know of any legislation which requires that. I have no idea if this would be even enforceable, there would be to many agencies which would need the private key. I have no idea what the future will bring us, I fear that for a few years will have scenes like in Nineteen Eighty-Four especially here in Poland where the government is trying to think for the citizens what is right and what is wrong.
Ehhh, we will see...
Polish users can find more info under
Have a nice day and don't stop fighting for you rights!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free Software out, DRM in?

We all knew that the famous company from Redmond was choosing words carefully, but this is just too much. Convincing others(?) to remove entire passages of text in a conclusion of a conference hosted by the United Nations seems like censorship to me. We have something similar in politics here - people come to a conclusion, agree on something but in the end everything comes out different as planned. But in that case it's not about politics, it's about freedom of choice - one should be given all arguments and facts, not just the "I have money, trust me that I'm right <<facts>>".
Oh, as a side note - I've sent a letter to my MEP with some thanks for voting against software patents last september, maybe it's a little bit late but I hope he will like it anyway...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I wish I hadn't seen this post. Now I am scared, if that's what the new MS Office will look like. The toolbar looks like it's as tall as a basket ball player, and it'll eat most of my 1024x768 screen. I hope that KDE/GNOME won't adopt it. Don't get me wrong, I do like different layouts for apps, I like the Kids Office plans, but such layout could be really difficult to use in a INATAS enviroment. And I'd have to use a magnifying glass to see the text in the menus/toolbars.

Correct link.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

..I miss you - I’m not gonna crack..

I’m so happy ’cause today
I’ve found my friends ...
They’re in my head
I’m so ugly, but that’s okay, ’cause so are you ...
We’ve broken our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday for all I care ...
And I’m not scared
Light my candles, in a daze
’cause I’ve found god

Nirvana - Lithium

I don't know what it is - but all girls I know will eventually fall with love - of course with someone other than me. I think I should get used to it, but somehow there's always this strange feeling that it wasn't me, that there was someone who's better. Ah, nevermind, life is so much %#^& up without thinking about this issue anyway.
The last weeks I'm playing(?) with Scribus while making a portfolio for an association I'm in, so the docs have to wait a little bit longer. But I really should start the translation ASAP so I won't have to be ashamed (the docs should be ready a year ago :/)

Friday, September 16, 2005's another girls paradise..

I have no need
for a sea view
for a sea view
I have no need
I have my little
this wall being one of these

when I come to terms
to terms with this
when I come to terms
with this
when I come to terms
with this whip lash
of Silk on wool embroidery

Tori Amos - Parasol

Another part of my life has ended. I'll will miss the girls at work, I had fun with them. Yesterday they made me laugh for the last time propably.
Hmm, it's stupid - I would like to tell you about so many things that had happened, but I can't find the right words for now...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A small step for a man...

Erm I mean a small step for Google but a big one for the Jabber/XMPP community - Google Talk is live and it's using XMPP. Everything that's required is a proper Jabber/XMPP client and a Gmail account.
The next step should be enabling connections from other Jabber server to Google's one, because currently you can't talk to them without a Gmail account on both sides :/

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

101 uses for a cat. 5e patchcord

Okay, maybe not exactly 101 uses but still one.
Do you know that you can use use it to view your DivX movies on a TV far far away?
No? You do now :)
Don't mess around with all your cables for audio and video, you can have it all in one cat 5e UTP cable - just attach two S-Video plugs, one 3.5mm jack and two RCA jacks. Maybe it's not all that perfect if you want 5.1 sound,but my crappy SB 16 can't handle it anyway and the difference is hardly noticeable.
The video signal also suits my needs and I can hardly notice the difference between using an out of the box S-Video cable and this one.
Now I must just get my Radeon to work in X Windows with TV out enabled :/

Sunday, July 10, 2005

..."Lonely as I am, together we cry"...

Every finger in the room is pointing at me
I wanna spit in their faces then I get afraid of what that could bring
I got a bowling ball in my stomach I got a desert in my mouth
Figures that my courage would choose to sell out now

I've been looking for a savior in these dirty streets
Looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets
I've been raising up my hands
Drive another nail in just what god needs one more victim

Why do we crucify ourselves
Every day
I crucify myself
Nothing I do is good enough for you
Crucify myself
Every day
And my heart is sick of being in chains

Tori Amos - Crucify

Thanks to Patrys our planet has a new look, so let's all say a big Thank You to him!
Oh, and there's some other good news too - I've passed all my exams! Yupi, especially with that 5 in .Niet. It would be great to have some time for myself, but work is calling and there are also some projects left behind, which I should finish before august, blah...
<The rest of this post was postponed, please come again later>

Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's just not true..

..that MsnBetter ThanGoogle and it's just not true that I'm all alone. There's always Someone, maybe she's far away, maybe we don't talk too often, but it's always helpful to know, that she's there and maybe thinking about me from time to time (no, she's not what you think, she's a friend, loved one, but still a friend).
Some good news - got a 4+ in computer networks, nice, could be better but I didn't learn for it too much, I still got a job, I'm not ill (seriously) so everything ought to be okay. Nevermind...
BTW Grzegorz Halama Oklasky is wonderful, I've been laughing all the time yesterday at his performance - seeing him live was 1000x better than on TV!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Something terrible has happend - I miss you, I really do miss you. Maybe you'll never read this, but this had to be written.
The terrible part of it is that somehow I can't say it to you, I'm just scared(?) or maybe I'm just dumb, yeah, that could be it. Another month will pass and I'll be still sitting here, writing those stupid posts and killing myself piece by piece, ehh...
Maybe some of you want to hear some news from the Scribus/Kexi front. The latter one is missing some translations because of some issues with the new VCS or lack of man power I can't tell exactly - the fact is that there are no translations yet except a polish one from OpenOffice Polska not included in the recent spec file, because I'm waiting for all of them ;)
As of Scribus - it should be out in a few days/weeks as usual so please, just wait patiently.
Hmm, I shouldn't post about technical stuff like you can see in the example above ;>

Saturday, May 28, 2005 friends syndrome...

5am friday morning
thursday night far from sleep
i'm still up and driving
can't go home obviously
so i'll just change direction
cause they'll soon know where i live
and i wanna live
got a full tank and some chips

Tori Amos - Me and a Gun

And I'm here, back home after a night full of...Actually, full of what?
Thoughts? Dreams? I've spent a few lovely hours with some of my old friends, and when I say old I mean that I know them for more then 2 years. Didn't have many friends before, not such I would like to remember, but that's not the point here. It was good to see, that they are still together after 2 years, and they look as much in love as when I've seen them together the first time.
Somehow I envy them, I would like to have someone by my side, but it's impossible now and I think it also won't be possible in the future. Still, I just can't get used to being alone, even though I'm alone as long as I can remember. One can say: as long as you have your friends you're not alone, but this just isn't true. OK, you can spend some wonderful time with your friends, but it'll never be like, like what? I don't know the feeling when you're together with someone you love, however there's a strange feeling inside me what it could be like. Ehhh, nevermind. After all - you must live the life you were given, because there's no other one to live...

Maybe let me change the topic of this post, I can always write more later.
Expect some changes to Planet PLD because I handed over everything related to it to Patrys. Of course if he agrees I will still handle some adminsitration tasks, like adding new journals, etc. but all the design work is his domain now (not that I would ever have time to fix the current layout :P).

Thursday, May 19, 2005

..the outsider..

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time
What's your hurry, everyone will have his day to die
If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere
Do it somewhere far away from here

a perfect circle

Sometimes I feel like I'm the outsider here and maybe I am.
I think that I'm missing something, while I try to live a different life. But it's still a life - who decides that one is better from another? On the other hand one can define a bad lifestyle, a bad life is when it destroys your body and soul. When your first thought after waking up is I hope this day will end soon or when you think that you must drink something just to get up. I had no job for some time and I must say it was horrible, you wake up and you just don't have anything to do, so you stay in bed as long as you can. Maybe it was just a depression, but still it was a life...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Tori Amos, life, the universe and everything

I'm not in love
so don't forget it
it's just a silly phase
i'm going through
and just because
i call you up
don't get me wrong
don't think you got it made
i'm not in love, no
it's because...

I'm still under the influence of Tori Amos and Sigur Ros, but (why there's always a "but"?) somehow it makes me worry. Worry about the friends I've lost just because I was such a dumb ass. I couldn't make their lifes better, a little more interesting - in the end I've just made them sad.
Now I get the chance to fix some of my mistakes, they won't be forgotten but maybe I can just apologize...

Friday, April 29, 2005

..damn damn damn..

It seems that I'm stuck with kernel 2.6.8-4 on my router and it su%$. Somehow there are problems with it's APIC and the NIC's refuse to work properly. Exactly the built-in adapter. Maybe I'll try sometime to disable it and insert a second RTL8139, maybe it'll work then, but to to that I need a second machine so my users won't whine...

Monday, April 18, 2005


Just dropping you a note that Planet PLD could be down tommorow for a few hours - I'm renovating so thing will be moved here and there..

Friday, April 15, 2005 and a gun..

I have to stop listetning to Tori Amos, her music brings back some stupid memories from times better then now. Hmm, actually it's hard to tell if they were better, they were different though... But still, I miss that girl, eh...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Typos suck!

Hmm, Planet PLD was down for a few days and it looks like no one has noticed it. Sadly I've made a typo in my firewall config and all traffic to port 80 was being dropped, but it seems to be ok now. Let's see if someone actually visits this site...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules doesn't always pay off. Especially breaking the "if it works, don't change it" rule like I did yesterday. Rule number two: if you do break the first rule, make sure it isn't related to the PLD kernel package.
Spent the last few hours trying to figure out why my second NIC doesn't work and it seems like it's a kernel bug in the 8139too module, giving a lot of "Apr 8 08:53:46 xxx kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out". Of course on 2.6.8-4 (copied from an other router) none of this messages appear and everything "just works" ™.
But I have lost ALSA support, boooo. Seems like I'll have to build the kernel package myself...
[UPDATE] It looks like this bug is connected with APIC, enableapic seems to work but enableapic lapic gives horrifying lags – up to 5000 miliseconds to the nearest router...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Back to work again...

It seems that I can get back to work again. I have updated the polish version of with a plugin tutorial and more docs are soon to come.
There's a nice thread about OSS graphics apps and colour management on the mailing list. Peter reminded us all of a maling list for colour management stuff, so if you're interested then pay them a visit!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Hmm, Planet PLD Linux should be officially IPV6 enabled. It took me a while to get this all up and running, because of some disinformation in lighttpd (the -6 command line option doesn't seem to exist in PLD, instead there's a config file variable...) but is' okay now.
The last few days I've been busy with some unexpected work. I had to move some of my web pages to an other server, pay for it etc and I hope I get everything finished by the weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ok, first the good news - I have a new job. Well, not so new, because I've been working there a few months ago, but hey - it's a job - well paid (for me) and not so hard ;)
Now for the bad news - lighttpd died a few days ago and no one has noticed it, damn first of all I don't know why it dies, the logs are empty no messages on the console no nothing. Secondly - I don't have any CPU cycles left to replace it with something that Just Works (TM) eg. Apache :|
If that wasn't bad enough - the patent directive was passed by the ministers, so I can drop my studying and learn some washing up ;) No, frankly I sent some snail mails to my MEPs - let's see if they'll answer me..

Monday, February 21, 2005

Nothing more but Lemmings...

From Planet KDE:

  1. Grab the nearest book.

  2. Open the book to page 123.

  3. Find the fifth sentence.

  4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

  5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

Ok, so it's "Operating System Concepts" by Abraham Silberschatz (Bell Labs) and Peter Baer Galvin (Corporate Technologies, Inc.):
Proces konsumenta ma lokalną zmienną nastk, w której jest przechowywana jednostka do skonsumowania:

while we = wy do nic;
nastk := bufor[wy]
we := wy + 1 mod n;
konsumuj jednostkę nastk
until false;

Sadly all the *normal* books were to far to reach :(

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I've been playing around with Google Picasa lately - geez, it rocks. Here's a sample :) Posted by Hello
Anyway, Planet PLD is still on my router instead of a proper server, if you wan't to donate some space and python+cron power please drop me a note...

Friday, February 11, 2005

Planet PLD Linux

Uff, finally it works, I'm still waiting for a domain for it but it works :D
It needs some tweaks here and there in the layout code, some internationalization but hopefully it'll be ready on monday (I have my exams this weekend so I can't work on it :( )

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Just some words...

Śnij me serce
śnij o czasach minionych
o Jej ustach spragnionych
o naszych marzeniach nieskończonych
Śnij me serce
niech snu Ci nic więcej nie zakłóca
nic więcej się już przecież nie zmienia
czeka nas tylko długa wędrówka
w tej smutnej krainie cienia...

08.02.2005 10:00
Dream my heart
dream about times forgotten
dream about her thirsty lips
about our infinite dreams
Dream my heart
don't let your dream be disturbed
though nothing will change
a long journey awaits us
through this mournful land of shadows

08.02.2005 10:00

P.S. Yes, I know, this translation is a mess :(

Playing around Posted by Hello star...

I miss her, I really do miss her. It's been two long months since I saw her last time. Many things had changed but some are still the same.
I can still remember the first time we went out together, it's hard to imagine that it was three years ago. It would be great if some things would change, but I feel it's getting more and more worse...

first post :P

Hello on my first blog in English.
Today is a bad day, I have a headache, lost my root password and switched to KMail from Sylpheed and I hope everything goes well...