Friday, April 08, 2005

Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules doesn't always pay off. Especially breaking the "if it works, don't change it" rule like I did yesterday. Rule number two: if you do break the first rule, make sure it isn't related to the PLD kernel package.
Spent the last few hours trying to figure out why my second NIC doesn't work and it seems like it's a kernel bug in the 8139too module, giving a lot of "Apr 8 08:53:46 xxx kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out". Of course on 2.6.8-4 (copied from an other router) none of this messages appear and everything "just works" ™.
But I have lost ALSA support, boooo. Seems like I'll have to build the kernel package myself...
[UPDATE] It looks like this bug is connected with APIC, enableapic seems to work but enableapic lapic gives horrifying lags – up to 5000 miliseconds to the nearest router...

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