Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's just not true..

..that MsnBetter ThanGoogle and it's just not true that I'm all alone. There's always Someone, maybe she's far away, maybe we don't talk too often, but it's always helpful to know, that she's there and maybe thinking about me from time to time (no, she's not what you think, she's a friend, loved one, but still a friend).
Some good news - got a 4+ in computer networks, nice, could be better but I didn't learn for it too much, I still got a job, I'm not ill (seriously) so everything ought to be okay. Nevermind...
BTW Grzegorz Halama Oklasky is wonderful, I've been laughing all the time yesterday at his performance - seeing him live was 1000x better than on TV!

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