Tuesday, October 25, 2005

..I miss you - I’m not gonna crack..

I’m so happy ’cause today
I’ve found my friends ...
They’re in my head
I’m so ugly, but that’s okay, ’cause so are you ...
We’ve broken our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday for all I care ...
And I’m not scared
Light my candles, in a daze
’cause I’ve found god

Nirvana - Lithium

I don't know what it is - but all girls I know will eventually fall with love - of course with someone other than me. I think I should get used to it, but somehow there's always this strange feeling that it wasn't me, that there was someone who's better. Ah, nevermind, life is so much %#^& up without thinking about this issue anyway.
The last weeks I'm playing(?) with Scribus while making a portfolio for an association I'm in, so the docs have to wait a little bit longer. But I really should start the translation ASAP so I won't have to be ashamed (the docs should be ready a year ago :/)

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