Friday, March 10, 2006

Google's quest for world domination?

Hmm, after recently watching EPIC 2014 I never thought of the idea that Google might handle all of my needs. But hey, here it is - the Google Calendar, or at least some screenshots of it.
It seems that Google still isn't evil, because I can see there some interesting features like submitting iCal calendars from other applications, so I can still use my favourite scheduling application!
I'm not scared of the Google Grid, I have nothing to hide, those things I wish to keep secret are always encrypted and stored on my private mail/group/whatever servers anyway. Private information is just that - information. There were always ways to gather them in ways which harmed people more than filling out a couple of web forms (just remember the polish SB just a few (sic!) years ago..). Google's version of the history has one advantage, mostly anything is safe from the Digital Dark Age, thanks to the use of open standards (like that one that you can copy your e-mails from your GMail account via POP3).

Oh, and BTW help save http from an other evil company...

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